Kids’ Jigsaw Puzzles

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Our goal was to create game for kids where children can explore wonderful world of color puzzles and have a great fun with it.
Puzzles for kids are arranged in several categories: animals, fairy tales, for boys, for girls, kids, dinosaurs, princesses, farm, vacation.

We want to create best puzzles for kids (Android) ever so your kids can learn, play and develop motor skills playing our game.

Our Jigsaw Puzzles – iOS for toddlers will provide long hours of creative entertainment for your kids.

Jigsaw Puzzles for kids offer great fun for children of all ages.
Children can choose how many pieces the puzzle will consist of. For 3 years old children you can choose small number of puzzle pieces. If your child is older you can choose more puzzle pieces to make the puzzle game more challenging.
Jigsaw Puzzle games for kids are an educational applications, which develops associating ability and coordination skills of your child. Furthermore remember that toddlers loves matching games.

You can find other baby puzzles, but please keep in mind that we know how to build proper apps for kids. We test our puzzle for kids with children from early beginning to make them educational, fun and entertaining for children.

All images used in Jigsaw puzzles for kids where carefully selected by our staff for your child. We know what kids like to play so we have selected beautiful pictures of fairy-tale world, cartoons, animals, princesses, vehicles, and more.

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✨ 83 Jigsaw Puzzles and 10 of them are free puzzles
✨ Kids puzzles categories: animals, fairy tales, for boys, for girls, kids, dinosaurs, princess, farm, vacation
✨ Special targeted categories: Puzzles for boys, Puzzles for girls and puzzles for kids
Secure in-app purchases (simple math lock)


✨ Different levels of difficulty: 6 pieces puzzles, 9 pieces puzzles, 16 pieces puzzles, 25 pieces puzzles, 36 pieces puzzles, 49 pieces puzzles
Free version includes 10 beautiful pictures, you can unlock other using in-app purchases, buying any category will turn off all ads in the Kids’ Jigsaw Puzzles
✨ Available on major platforms: iOS and Android