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Coloring Book for Adults #HoliColoring is a journey into the world of peace and relaxation, a moment for yourself, escape from the everyday hustle and bustle. Treat yourself to a bit of free time in the beautiful world of colors, images and shapes.

It’s not just that the coloring is trendy, psychologists emphasize that the coloring books for adults have a very good effect on our psyche and mood. They help relieve stress and anxiety, calm down, help in concentration, develop creativity and self-confidence, in a word coloring book allow you to achieve a state of Zen.

Why to color? Coloring book for adults is the best calming game, helps to get rid of anxiety, coloring stimulates alpha brain waves so that we are in a mild state of relaxation, it is also the moment when you activate the frontal lobe of the brain, which is responsible for planning and problem-solving.

Coloring books for adults are mainly associated with the mandala, symmetrical shapes of vectors inscribed into a circle. Mandalas are present in most cultures of the world. Executed eagerly by Buddhist monks, for whom creating and watching the mandala is a form of meditation.
Zentagle is also a type of coloring book for adults and kids, related to known objects filled with geometric patterns, Zendala is a round mandala (although not necessarily symmetrical), which is also filled with geometric patterns.

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✨ Use your imagination and creativity (choose colors, hue and shapes)
✨ Relax and unwind after a long day (anti-stress and relaxation)
✨ Colorize beautiful mandala paintings and show them to the world
✨ Express yourself, show feelings and emotions


✨ Listen to the sounds of nature
✨ Develop your eye-hand coordination
✨ Take a journey through colors of spring, summer, autumn, winter
✨ Color Therapy. Create your own color palette.