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Coloring book for Adults – #HoliColoring

As of today we can be proud of our new application – #HoliColoring coloring book for adults. This time we have something new for grownups and older Android users. Our App is available on Google Play store for all smartphones and tablets, we have Amazon version and iTunes for iPhone and iPad.

Since our previous productions were targeted to the youngest users, now we want to give something also for their carers. Of course, the application doesn’t have age limitations, may be still great entertainment for children. We maintained indication of the PEGI level 3, which means that it is suitable for every age group.

Coloring Book for Adults #HoliColoring

Coloring Book for Adults #HoliColoring

HOLI, The Coloring book for adults is our proposition for those who are not only finding calmness during filling out the beautiful colors of the pictures, but also want to relax listening to the calm sounds of nature, birds, rain, a mild notes of music.

You can download Coloring Book for Adults Android version from Google Play or Amazon Adults Coloring Book. If you have iPhone or iPad, we just prepared iTunes version as well, you can download our Coloring book here.

Coloring animals, flowers and more

For your disposal are beautiful coloring pages. For the convenience of coloring they have been arranged into several categories, i.e.:

  • Flowers coloring pages
  • Animals coloring pages
  • Butterflies coloring pages
  • Mandala coloring pages
  • Fairy-tale world coloring pages
  • Zendala coloring pages
  • and more…

Everyone should find something for themselves. Just select the coloring page you like to color, have fun and at the end result will make you surprised.
We use coloring apps on a daily basis and the benefits of such applications were absolutely clear, not only as arguments for fun and entertainment, but also how coloring book affect our well-being and development.

Coloring as color therapy

Coloring pictures in the evenings allows our mind to relax and prepares our body for upcoming night. Coloring accompanied by calm music tracks give you the opportunity to focus on one thing – coloring, and thus to forget about all the small everyday problems.

Color is what you like

We can write about all the advantages of coloring, but you should admit that trying our Adult Coloring Book is the best way to verify our words. We do have hope that you will find a lot of fun while coloring our pictures. We’ll do our best to meet your needs so if you have suggestions, want to join us to create the best coloring on mobile, you can always send us an email. Together we can do much more! Check our very best apps for kids as well.