Kids Jigsaw puzzles for your iPhone iPad or iPod touch!

Puzzles for kids now for all Apple users!

Finally our Kids’ Jigsaw Puzzles has arrived to Apple store iTunes! This is special day for all of us here in ITSS Games, because this is our first app published at Apple store. As always we’re starting with free version and as soon it’s finished we can try our best to bring full version in upcoming weeks.
The iPhone and iPad version is pretty much the same as Android one.

Let’s summarize some key facts about our app.

Why it’s worth a try:

  • We have 83 Puzzles to solve and at least 14 of them are free.
  • Kids targeted categories based on most interesting topics: animals, fairy tales, for boys, for girls, kids, dinosaurs, princess, farm, vacation
  • Special targeted categories depending on gender and age: puzzles for boys, puzzles for girls and puzzles for kids
  • Different levels of difficulty, just to meet age dependences: from 6 puzzles up to 49 puzzle pieces
  • Secure in-app purchases (to protect unwanted buys we did simple math lock)
  • Buying any category will turn off all ads in the Kids’ Jigsaw Puzzles

Download from iTunes: Puzzles for kids