Recently completed work to turn words into deeds.

You can listen to sales people endlessly, but words are nothing if they can not show you what’s behind them.

Coloring Book FingerPen Image

Put a smile on childrens’ faces.

IT-SYSTEM may not be the first to develop Mobile applications for children. However, after the launch of our first application dedicated to children we knew it was an important direction for us. Nothing can better reward the efforts of our team for the fruits of their work than the delight of a child’s smile!

Four Reasons to Work with Us

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Problem solvers

Tell us which problem you struggling with and we will design a solution for you.


We build quality in small steps and at each stage ensure our own quality control process.


Since 1998, we have been collecting knowledge which awaits our customers.

Customer Care

Our consultants care of completed projects are not closed in history, even closed projects can continue to grow.

Our Clients

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