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Internet software development

We are the creators of complex web solutions . We develop trading platforms , store systems , procurement systems , multimedia presentations, programs to assist customer relationship management . Given the diversity of the market , we always try to match our e-commerce solutions to the needs of a particular customer .

Cooperation with our customers we start by analyzing the needs and problems of its most important aspects of their traditional business. Jointly choose the appropriate e-business model that has a chance to beat the competition and expand the horizons of traditional business towards its electronic dimension.

Technical web solutions

The success of the network depends largely on the selection of appropriate and functional web solutions. Important elements of efficient applications are intuitive and friendliness of the system, profiling and adaptation to the individual user, the method of registering user activity, scenario interactivity.

Our projects are based on modern technical solutions:

  • databases (Oracle , SQLServer , MySQL, etc.)
  • Programming dynamic pages (PHP, ASP, HTML5 , JSP, Servlets , Cold Fusion)
  • Web technology (Java, JavaScript , cookies , DHTML , CSS , XML, JQuery)

Projects also include protection against access to unauthorized systems . IT-SYSTEM offers comprehensive design web solutions using the above tools.

Ask for pricing

If you are looking for a company that has the tools, experience and skilled team, please write to us. Together we will create a web application that meets your needs.