Android Puzzle Game – Brickout

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Working on Brickout we wanted to create a friendly android puzzle game targeted to a wide range of younger Android games audiences. The application with easy and intuitive interface, a simple formula of gameplay and social features has to convince the mostly young players.

This application is available in all main for the market penetration stores such as Google Play, AndroidPit, Samsung Apps.

We managed to create a game that does not require the user to spend many hours in front of the phone, but provides entertainment when users have a few minutes of free time to play in single player or online multiplayer mode. If you like puzzle games, Brickout is the right choice.

Extended Info


• A simple, fun, engaging free game for all ages.

• Develops brain perception and reflexes.

• Three types of booster strategies to improve your overall score.

Multiplayer mode to challenge other players all over the world in real time.

• Friends battle mode to challenge your friends and beat them in an online game playing real time multiplayer!.

• Facebook and Google+ leaderboards to track your progress against your friends and the rest of the world.


• Play Brickout and receive trophies! All trophies will be stored in your Google Games Account!

• Exchange your Bricks for Boosters to gain a huge advantage.

• We use the Google Games Service where you can take full advantage of the latest Google Play Games features for online players.

• Free updates.

• Game is free, we have implemented additional Bricks purchase, but you don’t need to buy them, you can simply earn them by you self.