Jigsaw Puzzles for kids

Jigsaw Puzzles for kids

Jigsaw Puzzles for kids offer great fun for children of all ages.
Kids’ Jigsaw Puzzles – free puzzle game for kids starting 3 years old. Jigsaw Puzzles for kids is wonderful game for girls and for boys, toddlers of any age, preschool, kindergarten and older children. We have created best jigsaw puzzle like game for kids as much realistic as it can be. If you’re looking for toddler matching games, here they are. Kids’ jigsaw puzzle game can be interesting, entertaining and can educate your children in creative way.

Jigsaw Puzzle games for kids are an educational applications, which develops associating ability and coordination skills of your child. Furthermore remember that toddlers loves matching games.

You can find other baby puzzles, but please keep in mind that we know how to build proper apps for kids. We test our puzzle for kids with children from early beginning to make them educational, fun and entertaining for children.

All images used in Jigsaw puzzles for kids where carefully selected by our staff for your child. We know what kids like to play so we have selected beautiful pictures of fairy-tale world, cartoons, animals, princesses, vehicles, and more.

Our Jigsaw puzzles are free, you can use our game as long as you wish. Free version of Kids’ Jigsaw puzzles has limited images, but you can buy category of your choice. Buying any category will disable all ads in Kids’ Jigsaw Puzzles as well.

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Our puzzle games for kids are created not only to give your children creative fun, but also as a part of bigger educational games project we’re currently working on. Show this app to your child and let them learn and play.

Puzzles for boys is an relaxing puzzle game with pleasant music to calm down your child during play. Puzzles for girls let your little daughter or granddaughter know new cartoon characters, landscapes and just have fun while solving puzzles.

Key Features

  • 83 Jigsaw Puzzles and 10 of them are free puzzles
  • Kids puzzles categories: animals, fairy tales, for boys, for girls, kids, dinosaurs, princess, farm, vacation
  • Special targeted categories: Puzzles for boys, Puzzles for girls and puzzles for kids
  • Different levels of difficulty: 6 pieces puzzles, 9 pieces puzzles, 16 pieces puzzles, 25 pieces puzzles, 36 pieces puzzles, 49 pieces puzzles
  • Secure in-app purchases (simple math lock)
  • Free version includes 10 beautiful pictures, you can unlock other using in-app purchases, buying any category will turn off all ads in the Kids’ Jigsaw Puzzles
Addicting game, not only for the 6-year-olds;)
Kathe 30, user
One of the best jigsaw I’ve found! My boy like it a lot!
Kim Pegori, user
This is Great! Great puzzle game for children. My granddaughter enjoyed it!
Alice Bright, user