Coloring Book Princess – new Android app for kids

Princess Coloring Book

Princess Coloring Book is an educational game, contains carefully selected paintings in the category of princesses, in natural way our coloring book is targeted to girls, because toddler girls love to color that kind of pictures and just all kind of princess coloring games.

Coloring Book Princess is as easy as it can be to allow your toddlers express themselves creatively. Coloring pictures is organized in a simple way, so your kids could easily select a color from the palette and start drawing. To facilitate toddlers, the color palette is limited to frequently used colors.

Our Princess Coloring Book for kids have been appreciated by many users. We pass into your hands princess coloring games, the most educational tool for the development of your child’s motor functions. Painting is an art which in particular contributes to proper development of the child and this is why we’ve created this coloring book for girls.

Coloring Book for girls
To colorize Your child needs only a finger. The application develops creativity and creative thinking of children, motor skills, learning of colors, drawing, doodling and all those things that kids simply love. Educational game and fun in one!

Free coloring pages – yes, all pictures of Princesses are free to color. We have ads in our app, but you can switch them off in any moment by doing small in-app payment.

Key Features

  • Wonderful coloring book for girls.
  • Coloring and drawing pictures with finger on the screen.
  • Coloring book develops fine motor skills and kids creativity.
  • A wide selection of images in a fairy tale world of Princess theme.
  • Save completed drawings in the app gallery.
  • Saved pictures can be re-edited anytime.
  • Send colored pictures as greeting cards.
addicting game, not only for the 6-year-olds;)
Kathe 30, user