Animal Riddles – Learn Animals in Zoo for Kids

Welcome to the Zoo! Virtual Zoo for yours Kids! Animal Riddles explores the amazing world of sound and images in the animal kingdom – a topic that children simply love. Let your Kids learning the animals Our Animal Riddles Zoo allows your child to become familiar with a variety of animal sounds and images. In the application there is also a choice of 3 reading voices, which emulates child, mother and father. While discovering animals, your child will hear and see the name of the animal together with its most characteristic sounds. Your child will experience the animals through sound, visual and kinesthetic means. This multi-sensory approach to learning is proven to engage your child’s interest for longer and actually increases the speed of learning new vocabulary. All the pictures of animals were chosen carefully, so that you child can see the animals in their natural environment. Do your kids like to play? Playing the animal recognition puzzle game Animal Riddles Zoo is a fun but educational game. Once your child has familiarized themselves with all the animal sounds, they can put their knowledge to the test by solving puzzles. The application will play the characteristic sound of a given animal and your kids has to guess which animal it is. Your baby will love the sounds that animals make, will learn which sounds give: a bee, a wasp, a hen, a dog, a donkey, a woodpecker, an elephant, a frog, a pidgeon, a duk, a cock, a mosquito, a horse, a goat, a raven, an owl, a pig, a seagull, a sheep, a wolf and much, much more. Animal Riddles is an educational game for kids that might be used at a playschool, preschool, at home, during trips. Learning through play – this is it! Give joy – completely for free!
  • Client: ITSS Games
  • Date: April 12, 2013
Learn zoo animals in zoo for kids Its a great way to teach your kids the difference between different animals and is a very educational game for little ones.
Jenna Combs, User
ㅈ 정말 아이들에게 좋군요
문영철, User
Muy divertido para los pequeñines
Rosalyn Quesada, Użytkownik
Buena Para mi niña es un buen juego en su tablet lenovo
Eduardo Flórez, User