Android Coloring Book – Christmas edition

Christmas Coloring Book

Christmas edition is a wonderful educational game for kids. Our application has been prepared in such a way as to encourage children to work creatively in coloring and drawing pictures of Christmas, Santa Claus presents and all other Christmas related topics.

Your child does not need a felt pen to color, all the images can be colored in using just your finger! Download the free app and give your kids a fun time for Christmas. Education, play and fun all in one!

The Christmas Coloring Book includes carefully selected images in the following categories: Santa Claus, elf, animals, Christmas trees, snowmen, stars and many other items.

Coloring can also be used as an educational game by nursery schools . Every little girl loves the color hearts, Santa, flowers, baubles, bells and Christmas gifts and boys love to Color sleds, sleighs, reindeer, snowmen, elves and Santa . Coloring Sound – The biggest attraction is coloring with sounds! In this edition seasonal, Christmas sounds.

We have over 100 Christmas coloring activities for your kids.

With the Christmas Coloring Book, your child has the opportunity for creative expression while we provide the tools your child needs. In addition to color screens your child has the opportunity to choose from a palette of colors to create images from their imagination. Learning through playing is the way to go!

With all these benefits, we happily pass these most educational tools into your hands to develop your kids motor skills. Painting is a valued art and it in particular can contribute to the proper development of your baby .

Christmas Coloring Book Android

*- Available from Samsung mobile devices only


The Christmas Coloring Book was created with an emphasis on being intuitive so that a child can easily focus on what s/he likes best in terms of shapes and colors.

Try out endless free coloring pages such as elf, sleigh, presents, reindeer, animals and much, much more. Our educational activities will gaurantee fun and a memorable experience that you can share with your friends and family by sending finish pictures via e-mail or by posting them on social networks. Every picture your child creates can be saved in the gallery application.

Key Features

  • Coloring and drawing pictures on the screen with your finger.
  • Coloring with sound!
  • The application develops kids fine motor skills and creativity.
  • A wide range of pictures about Christmas .
  • The free version contains 8 different illustrations for coloring.
  • The full version contains over 100 unique illustrations carefully selected by our design department.
  • Completed drawings can be saved in the gallery of Christmas Coloring Book and shared via email, Facebook or Twitter.
  • The application has the ability to adapt to the screen size of all mobile phones and tablet devices.
  • Free updates.
addicting game, not only for the 6-year-olds;)
Kathe 30, user